Sir Tony's Blue Eyes


Why this Site for Anthony Hopkins?


....I've been a deep admirer and big fan of him since more than 20 years - namely BEFORE Hannibal Lector came out -

.... I always think that he's such a great and interesting person with a big and warm heart and good sense of humour; I always like him so much -

.... I think he's one of the greatest actors of our time

and at least: I found out with regret some good fansites dedicated to him and his work have disappeared from cyberspace or are no longer up-dated; so I started this little project with that stuff about him I would like to see and find on the net.

So please come and enjoy my little place for Sir Tony.

By the way: I am absolutely no "Sir Tony expert", the die-hard fans for sure know so much more about him than me; but I always like to explore and find out new things about him....

anlimara, in August 2013