Kate Winslet: On the set with Leo


Working with Leonardo is very relaxing. Heīs a terrific actor, he works with instinct. Heīs not so theorist, he doesnīt overprepare himself. On the contrary I prepared too much myself, so my acting was too pedantic. Leo obliged me not to forget my instints and my mystery.

I mean, doing the love scene in the back of the car, we just had such a laugh! It was very uncomfortable and we kept getting covered in fluff and all his make-up was on me and sliding all over the place.... (audience laugh) ...and , eh, it was sort of like snogging your brother or something.... (audience laugh) ... and I have to say my heart didnīt flutter for him.

Uh, yeah, heīs a very good kisser... But I have to say, itīs only now that I sort of think about that, because at the time you donīt think about that at all.... Coz youīre sort of in the middle of a scene and itīs all, yīknow, "donīt stick your tongue in" yīkow, and all that sort of thing, well, you have to give stage kisses... Well he would sometimes do it to me, just to annoy me, just to annoy me, just to wind me up and make me laugh... He had, he has stuck his tongue in my mouth, yes... I didnīt stick my tongue in... No, I didnīt stick it in, I didnīt want to! I didnīt fancy the guy! I swear to God I didnīt!

Because, well. seven months together, it was like a, like a relationship and we sort of became brother and sister, I mean we were really, yīknow, twenty hours a day together most of the time, and it WAS a hard shoot and so we were, yīknow, really, really looking after each other all the time and yīknow.

Iīve always admired Leonardo DiCaprio, so when I knew I was going to work with him I just couldnīt believe it.

He is, to me, one of the greates actors of our generation, and I find it incredibly exciting. I believe there are very few actors in the world who are really, genuinely, gifted from God and can just do it, couldnīt possibly be bad, even if they tried.