From the book "For Leo Lovers Only"


Interview with Leo's Mom


Q: When Leo was a baby, did he like to take baths?

A: Yes, bath time was a very exciting time. All his action-figure toys were with him in the bathtub. All his dinosaurs and every animal that he had had to be lined up around the bathtub.

Q: Did he take any classes when he was young?

A: Yes, when he was a baby and he wasn't walking yet, I went to the YMCA and we took classes called "Moms and Tots" swimming classes together. He learned to swim before he could walk. He began to walk when he was 9 months old! He was just a tiny baby.

Q: What were his favorite snacks?

A: Ice cream! Ice cream was always his favorite. As far as food goes, he was, and still is, a pretty fussy eater! But he does love Italian food. I would say that it's because when I was pregnant with him, I travelled to Italy and ate all the Italian food. So it went right to him and he has loved it ever since!

Q: Did he cry a lot as a baby?

A: Yes! Until he got what he wanted. Whatever his wishes were, he wouldn't give up. He is very, very determined.

Q: Has Leo always been a performer?

A: Yes, yes. He's very much into performing. Ever since he was a baby, he liked to perform and have people listen to him and look at him. He always liked being the center of attention and being on stage. He especially likes imitating his family. He loves to imitate me! The way I dance, the way I talk, the way I act. And we would always laugh because he did it so well.

Q: Aside from imitating his family members, did Leo have any other hobbies?

A: Hmmm...He was always drawing and doing artwork and clay.

Q: What is one thing that makes you proud of Leo?

A: I think how he cares for other human beings and how he takes care of me when I get sick.

Q: What does he do for you when you're sick?

A: The policy in the house is that whenever somebody is sick, whatever they wish they can have! The other person would get it for them. If they want ice cream, or hot tea, or if they just want to lie there and not answer the phone-I think that's the part I like best.

Q: So he'll try to stay home when you're sick?

A: Right. And make sure everything's all right.

Q: Does he make you feel special on Mother's Day?

A: Always. He usually makes his own card and they're really lovely.

Q: Did you two ever argue when Leo was a kid?

A: Many times Leonardo would argue with me about the way I dressed him. He wanted to wear jeans that hung low-below his hips-and T-shirts with Spiderman on them.

Q: What do you wish Leo accomplishes in his life?

A: Oh my! I hope he will be very happy, very healthy, happy and successful in whatever he wishes to do.