Gretchen Moll in Roughcut:


After making a movie about celebrity and starting to live through it, do you have any observations, based on your interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio, about the benefits and the not so good things about celebrity?

Well, I thought he handled it really well. I didn't see anything really happening to him. It was different with Matt Damon because a lot of things were going on around the time that we were working, and so I actually got to see the process of that happen a little bit more with Matt, but with Leonardo I saw somebody who really isn't going to change his life and his lifestyle based on how they might be perceived or something. And I really admired that about his character. I can tell he's very loyal to his friends and that's what he's about and he's young and so beyond that, I didn't even really acknowledge it that much with him because I thought that might stand in the way of us having a good time. If I started thinking, "Oh my God, he's this huge celebrity..." It would almost be intimidating. When you're around him, you feel like he's somebody you can just have a good time with.

If you had a horrible time, it would be quoted everywhere...

Yeah, that's a dangerous thing -- saying anything about him. Because you know that it's going to end up everywhere and I have nothing but wonderful things to say. My experience with him was really fun. And it wasn't long enough, as far as I was concerned. You know, I would have loved to have spent more time working with him.

Thanks to Tenacious !