From a Philadelphia newspaper - July 20, 1995


Jim Carroll about his work with Leonardo


"The few people that know me from those days that saw the film think there's a remarkable similarity between Leonardo DiCaprio and me. His features and gestures. I find it complimentary in a certain way.

I remember when I saw the first rough cut of it with Lou Reed. He knew me when I was 16 and he thought that Leonardo spent a year living with me to learn the part.

There were some scenes like, when he's crying outside of his parents' door, that hit a nerve. There were times I'd be like that just out of total frustration. It wouldn't be about giving me drug money like it was in the film. I was not that foolish. It was just that my parents didn't "get it." I think that happens to a lot of people.

I like the movie on its own terms just because the acting was so good and Leonardo was really terrific. But as far as it being close to the book, I don't know. It just got too dark and dank..."