My Leomania


Just a few early Quotes


I was not going to let fame affect me. I was going to defy it.
I was going to fight this. I was going to be who I was.



Kate Winslet: On the set with Leonardo


"I knew the second I saw that kid, he's just the one. Leonardo is like Mozart, there's not a lot of that. People don't know it yet because of the kind of movies he's done and because he looks like a kid. But, like the Magic 8 ball says,"It will be revealed." It will be revealed with Leonardo DiCaprio. If he makes it. It's such a hideous thing, what's happened to him. I can't think of anything worse."

Sharon Stone on Leonardo, who starred in "The Quick and the Dead" with him in 1995



Agnieszka Holland about finding Leonardo for her film about Rimbaud


"I needed to find a child-man, someone who has this power and presence and arrogance and beauty," she says. "I was so happy when DiCaprio accepted."

"He has this incredible emotional imagination. When I observe him at work, I get the impression that he opens his body and the character comes in. It was the same in Gilbert Grape. Technically, he's a bit like a medium."


Leonardo about Rimbaud


"I feel Leo's joy of life and his energy. He has a positive life energy that is very charismatic and infectious. It is more than his looks... he glows from within and reaches out with his force in his roles."

- from a fan from the boards (it could be me, but it´s not!)


Martin Scorsese in 1999 on Leo :

I like his acting process. It's very detailed, very true. He has something unique when he's on screen that a lot of other young actors only develop later or never get at all. De Niro had it and so did the young (Al) Pacino. That's what he's got right now and he could be the De Niro of the new century.


Leo is all for living life to the full but with a healhy belief in self-preservation.

He likes to party, but he isn't caught up in it. (Patrick McMullan)

He's a very cunning, calculating, shrewd and smart guy. He would run away from anybody and anything that might sabotage him. He doesn't want to fail. (James Toback)

He's the most down-to-earth person I've met. Very un-Hollywood. (Mark Wahlberg)


I do not want to promote my private life.
I do not want to promote anything except the movies I do.
"Titanic" made that celebrity out of me.
I do not think the core who I am has changed.

Leo Quote
from a Japanese Magazine 2000