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November 5, 2017


I've been updating the FILMOGRAPHY and the NEW PROJECTS, so you can easily find movie pictures, premiere pictures, info on his films and projects all in one place now.

Click THE GALLERIES, if you are looking for pictures from 2008 to 2016. For the photos since October 2016 it's better to search FIND EVERYTHING on tumblr.

BTW: It's always a good idea to look here for the new stuff since 2016:
                            FIND EVERYTHING on tumblr :-))

March 12, 2018:
I made two main sections for the interviews:
Click NEW INTERVIEWS to get all the new stuff since 'Good Time' and Cannes 2017 (including the wonderful magazines from 2017) as well as the upcoming promotion for 'Damsel' and 'High Life'.
Click INTERVIEWS (old) to read everything from the 'Twilight' days to 'The Rover', 'Life', 'The Childhood of a Leader' and 'The Lost City of Z'.

The QUOTES need an update, you better look at ROB QUOTES on tumblr.

Nov 17, 2017: Oh yes, and it was time for a new banner.

I hope you'll love it ;-)

August 19, 2020: I couldn't resist to add the tumblr links of my old fave movies such as TWILIGHT, REMEMBER ME, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, COSMOPOLIS and LITTLE ASHES :-)) Visit the FILMOGRAPHY to find more.