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November 11, 2017


Happy 43th Birthday, dear Leonardo !

Best wishes for you
- we're looking forward to you coming back ;-)


July 3rd, 2017


Beautiful scans from 'The Revenant':
    Empire Magazine - December 2015
    Total Film - January 2016

Thanks to Leosfanforum !

More Interviews with Leo

- Rolling Stone (US) - January 2016:
      Leonardo' Crusade
- GQ India - March 2016:
      Leo on surviving fame, parachute malfunctions,
      climate change and filming in Canada's
      frozen tundra
- The Telegraph (UK) - January 2016:
      "Wealth and success don't make you happy"


July 2nd, 2017


I've added a bunch of pictures for you:

'The Revenant' Premiere in Los Angeles - Dec 16, 2015
'The Revenant' Screening in New York City - Jan 6, 2016
'The Revenant' Premiere in London - Jan 14, 2016
Leo presenting the Oscar to Emma Stone - Feb 26, 2017

and there a many new pics in
Leo winning his Oscar for 'The Revenant' - Feb 28, 2016

    Enjoy :-))


June 14, 2017


D Interview mit Leonardo:
über 'The Revenant', seine Familie
und sein Engagement für die Umwelt:
Hannoversche Allgemeine - 8. Januar 2016

PopSugar 2016:
Leonardo was well aware of all the love
and support he got during his Oscar Win


November 11, 2016


Happy Birthday, dear Leo !

Keep going, never give up <3


October 30, 2016


Watch 'Before the Flood'
from October 30 to Nov 8 for free on

~ National Geographic Channel ~
~ National Geographic Channel - deutsch ~

Don't miss :-)

Meanwhile the documentary is gone from the site,
but the channel is nevertheless interesting to watch.


October 24, 2016


I got a bit absorbed by my new Tumblr account
My Leomania during this month - LOL !
The new
My Leomania News section will keep you (and me) updated about Leo's current work and projects.
Please bookmark
My Leomania on Tumblr and you get all the new stuff together :-))

My Leomania - this site - will still be updated occasionally with pictures, reports, articles and stuff.
So that's the plan... ;-)

Thank you for still stopping by
With love, anlimara


October 18, 2016


'Before the Flood' Premiere in Paris
- October 17, 2016


October 16, 2016


New pics of Leo:
'Before the Flood' Screening
at the 60th BFI London Film Festival

- October 15, 2106


October 14, 2016


'Before the Flood' European Premiere
at London Film Festival

"We are thrilled that @LeoDiCaprio will attend the #LFF European Premiere of Before the Flood on Sat 15."

Source: BFI London Film Festival

Thanks Johanne !


October 11, 2016


Just a little change of design as you can see :-)))

It seems to me, this site is dreaming a bit; not so many visitors who stumble upon... That's okay, because it's an old site. My whole heart is with this site, I've spent so much time with it, and I always love it to be here...

Today Leo travels the world, making a documentary "Before the Flood", talking with important people, speaking to the UN, meeting president Barack Obama.... he's amazing and I fully support him in what he's is doing.

I'm still looking forward to a new movie project. Something great like Jay Gatsby, Calvin Candie, Jordan Belfort, Hugh Glass... It will be huge when he'll decide to go for a new challenge, I'm sure.

There will be updates here as soon as there is a new movie, pictures from a set or a premiere, promotion, red carpet, new interviews... I love the whole buzz and will be here.

In the meantime.... there it is something new for you to enjoy:

My Leomania on Tumblr :-))

Keep loving Leo <3


September 9, 2016


'Before the Flood' World Premiere
is in Toronto today - September 9, 2016

Brandnew pics: Leo on the red carpet


September 7, 2016


Behind the scenes:


August 15, 2016


Leonardo's new climate change
documentary will premiere at Toronto
International Film Festival this September

UPDATE: 'The Turning Point' has been renamed into 'Before the Flood'.


August 13, 2016


People - August 12, 2016:
Baz Luhrmann explains how Leonardo
DiCaprio 'put me through the hoops' on Gatsby

Leo does not play around when it comes to choosing projects ...


August 7, 2016


Romeo & Juliet BTS - Enjoy :-)


August 7, 2016


It seems there is still no new movie project for Leo....


June 13, 2016


Leonardo on Twitter

Thank you, Leonardo.


May 17, 2016


'The Revenant' will be out in Germany
on DVD/Blu-ray and Blu-ray Steelbook on May 19, 2016
and I'm impatiently waiting for my copy :-)


March 11, 2016


Great & huge interview with Leo:
Deadline - Feb 10, 2016:
Leonardo DiCaprio on the hard-knock
film education that led to 'The Revenant': Q&A


March 9, 2016


Oscar Photoshoot 2016


March 8, 2016


The Oscar Night - Feb 28, 2016

~ just a few pics to brighten your day ~

Full list of Best Actor wins
for Leo's role in 'The Revenant'


March 2nd, 2016


Vanity Fair: How Leo celebrated his first Oscar win


March 1st, 2016


"I’ve been overwhelmed with such support by so many fans
and so many people in the industry.
It’s shocking actually
and what can I say except I’m very grateful."
~ Leonardo ~


February 29, 2016


Yeahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!
He did it - wohoooo !!!


February 28, 2016


Here we are .....


February 27, 2016


Leonardo DiCaprio: The enigmatic actor
Agnieszka Holland, director of 'Total Eclipse', talks about Leonardo

I like what she's saying :-))


February 25, 2016


Vanity Fair:
Why Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar
History Has Everyone Saying “It’s Time”

Thanks to Johanne for the 3 pics above!


January 31, 2016


Inside 'The Revenant':
Leonardo DiCaprio on the
toughest movie he's ever made
Men's Journal - January 2016

Click on the
for reviews.
D Deutsche Kritiken sind hier.


January 11, 2016


Congratulations to Leo !!!

Last night's Golden Globes brought a huge success
for 'The Revenant' and its whole team:

3 Golden Globes wins for:

- The Revenant - Best Motion Picture, Drama
- Alejandro Iñárritu - Best Director - Motion Picture
- Leonardo DiCaprio - Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama

Congratulations to the whole team - woww !!!


November 30, 2015


The Revenant Movie Gallery


November 29, 2015


'The Revenant' buzz is in full force. There already have been well-received and promising screenings of the movie on Nov 22, 23, 24 in Los Angeles and New York. The premiere is scheduled for December 16 in Los Angeles. Here are some of the newest pictures from Leo's promotional tour:

'The Revenant' Press Conference
in Beverly Hills - Nov 23, 2015

The movie is amazing, everybody says, so stay tuned for an exciting time.