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Dreambook for Anlimara's Leomania

Welcome to my nifty Dreambook !

The Dreambook service has come to an end, so this guestbook is now an archived site.

Thanks so much to everybody who signed this book and for your nice and encouraging comments.
They are much appreciated. Best wishes to you all and Keep Loving Leo !

Please visit and sign my New Guestbook instead !
I will transfer your new comments to this Dreambook which you're watching.

Name: jojo dicappio
Comments:Hi...im from iran ...im very happy of found your website...your web is very well and have good pic..i love leo so much love his eyes his smile his hairand....thank you for this web since i know you verey try to this... Im sorry if my english wasnt good:-:-( Bye :-D
Wednesday, April 23 2014 - 05:58 (GMT +1:00)
Name: Jenni
Comments:Hi, your website is great, I love it!
And I will always love Leo :)
Friday, January 3rd 2014 - 05:47:38 PM
Name: Revelyn
Comments:My friend told me to visit your site because she said its beautiful. She really was telling that truth. Indeed, your site is amazing. Ill surely go visit here again. Keep up the good work! :D
Tuesday, April 30th 2013 - 08:28:50 AM
Name: Craig
Comments:Excellent site, added to favorites!! Take a look at our site Hello from Illinois...
Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 08:38:10 AM
Name: Frances
Comments:I like your page. It is a good one. Keep up the good work. Visit our site.
Saturday, February 11th 2012 - 08:58:01 AM
Name: Linda Scott
Comments:Irmelin and George DiCaprio moved in next door to me right before Leonardo was born. I couldn't wait to see what popped out of that belly. I shot his first photograph, and asked Irmelin what his name was. When she told me, I replied what a great name for an actor...She said that was what she wanted him to be when he grew up. We went everywhere together and I could tell you some good stories about what he was like. I hope you contact me, and we can be friends. I appreciate what you want to do, and know you have spent a lot of time working on your Leonardo fascination. Linda Scott
Friday, November 25th 2011 - 12:42:25 AM
Name: bomb diggy deathstar
Comments:catch me if you can was quite good actually.and i sort of enjoyed the man in the iron mask and body of lies but still i started to get a bit bored!!! where is all the cool writters!!! the ones that make it bomb diggy in a 70s way!!! for him!!! for all of us!!! i wouldnt call his work exceptionally outstanding!!! on the whole just alright i guess!!! i want the best for my brother!!! i love him!!!
Friday, November 18th 2011 - 08:01:00 AM
Name: Ian
Comments:I love the site!!! Keep up the good work. Thanx for all the pics and info! our site webmaster.
Saturday, November 5th 2011 - 06:27:39 AM
Name: Ò¦¿­ÈÊ
Comments:Hello I am KaiRen Yao , I hope you can send me an E-mail £¬we are leonardo dicaprio's fans,I want to make friends with you.Waiting for your letter ,thank you ¡£
Sunday, April 3rd 2011 - 09:31:19 AM
Name: Kairen Yao
Comments:Hello I am a Chinese girl, I'm happy to see your homepage. I also like leonardo dicaprio very much. My English is not good, so I don't know what to say, I put my best wishes to you.
Sunday, April 3rd 2011 - 09:16:21 AM
Name: William
Comments:I am so excited to have been invited to this site! It is wonderful, and I see, a lot of work went into it! I look forward to meeting you all in cyberspace! Visit our site and if anyone wants to contact me...please do!
Monday, March 14th 2011 - 10:03:09 PM
Name: Michaela
Comments:leos amazing <3
he's my idol (:
Friday, December 17th 2010 - 10:13:06 PM
Name: anlimara
Comments:Hi folks,

I'm very happy to read that people enjoy and like this site - thank you so much for all your support and love throughout the years - even though I'm not able to update the site appropriately these days - I'll try to keep it going for your (and my) pleasure - best greetings to you all - anlimara
Wednesday, March 31st 2010 - 09:38:49 AM
Name: Mash Potatoz
Comments:Awsome. keep it going!
Monday, March 29th 2010 - 11:46:19 AM
Name: Courtney
Comments:I LUVVVVV THIS WEBSITE!!!! Leo is so hot,and he is a great actor too! "Titanic,The Basketball Diaries,Total Eclipse,What's Eating Gilbert Grape,and Romeo-n-Juliet are my favoritest movies in the history of movies!


With Love 4-ever an ever,Courtney ;) PS-"Leomania is the best website to get on for info bout Leo.I get on it all the time."
Sunday, March 7th 2010 - 04:51:47 AM
Name: Laura
I'm french and I just wanted to congratulate you for your site! Thank you!
I love you Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, October 27th 2009 - 02:05:58 PM
Name: Katrin
Comments:Leonardo Di Caprio is my favourite actor!!! I have got many posters whis him and my favourites film`s are "Total Eclipes","Titanic","The bascetball diaries" and "Romeo + Julliet". I think "My LeoMania" is a cool fan site!!!!!
Write my Fan`s!!!!!
Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 08:01:01 AM
Name: Raquel Caruso
Nice site you have here,Great pictures and interviews with Leo to!I know that everyone here is obviously fans of Leo, so i thought i would post something i found on the internet the other day.It is an online petition to get Leo and Kate Winslet on the Oprah show for the new movie they are doing together called "Revolutionary road".It would be amazing to see them together again on the show so that is why im hoping all of you would please sign this petition. We only need 1,000 signatures and then they will sedn it to oprah.So if you are interested in getting them on the show here is the link...........


Raquel Caruso<3
Saturday, July 5th 2008 - 03:42:44 PM
Name: Ella
Comments:Great site, lotsa funny links and stuff. I enjoyed my stay and will come back again.
Friday, June 20th 2008 - 11:42:46 PM
Name: sandra
Comments:i just totally love leo, i´m addicted, i love everything about him, thank you for many pics and other stuff i never seen (: its a great side ;D
Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 12:01:38 PM
Name: R, Brendes aka Pinklady
E-mail address: Pinkladyinny@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi, this is PinkLady, been away awhile 5 years with my own dream man, but back alone again and remembering my crazy leo days and all the pics i collected and collages i made, so nice to see someone still has them up, thank you, I been selling my magazine collection to my new friend and what she didnt want I have on ebay so look ladies and I have my private scrapbooks, not sure yet if i can give them up, but im having fun looking threw them, I wanted to know what happened to treggy88 and the old message board girls. This is a great site.
Sunday, April 27th 2008 - 07:44:13 PM
Name: Lilja
E-mail address: liljacoolgirl@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://......d
Comments:hi thank you so much for making this side, i love it, there are alot og pics and stuff i´ve never seen befor, its a relly great side by the way, well done, and pretty much on it. i just love leo, and everything about him, i want to be a actress just like him, leo is my HERO, nowone else is so great like him, i just loooove him sooo much.

love from iceland (:
Friday, April 25th 2008 - 06:13:39 PM
Name: rosedawson
E-mail address: jannine.benkhardt@t-online.de
Comments:maybe it was a bit crazy what i write... but your site is reaaly perfect!!!!
Sunday, March 23rd 2008 - 10:57:57 AM
Name: rosedawson
E-mail address: jannine@t-online.de
Comments:I love leo so much, he´s the best actor ever.your page is very great. i enjoy every sentence. leo is so cute and sexy, my biggest wish is to kiss him one time... i wished i was kate winslet... leo have so much talent, he makes a veryyyyyyyyy great job. i can´t live without him, but i know that i´ll never meet him and that makes me sooooo sad.
i think every day about him, he follow me in my dreams. his movies are so wonderful. leo has a special feeling in me, i can´t explain it. and leo looks so good, soooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
and he is very special, i wanna have a boyfriend like him, but i know that it never be the true.
leo i love you soo muuuuuuuuuuuch!!
Sunday, March 23rd 2008 - 07:03:10 AM
Name: Leo fan
Comments:I LOVE LEO SO MUCH!!!! This website is really cool and updated, I love it. Oh and happy birthday leo!!!!
Monday, November 12th 2007 - 07:39:49 AM
Name: Julia Capulet
Homepage URL: http://www.freenet.people.de/kavcelle3/
Comments:i love leo so much but it makes me sick to read all these informations because i know i won't see him and he's so far away... i when i see him on a magazine I'm so happy! i'm not mad!
Monday, May 22nd 2006 - 11:06:59 AM
Name: Me
E-mail address: berfintuku@aol.com
Comments:hey! i like the german articles and interviews because i'm from germany, i love him!
Saturday, May 20th 2006 - 01:00:38 PM
Name: sammy
E-mail address: sammyrifkin@hotmail.com
Comments:leo u r so georgous and super talented pleassssse break up with gisele she was spotted with another man anyway! my fav movie you've been in was total eclipse, basketball diaries and marvins room cant wait to see u in the departed looks so cool!!!!! luv u loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 05:42:30 AM
Name: Suzanne
E-mail address: www.leorising@zoomshare.com
Homepage URL: http://www.leorising.zoomshare.com
Comments:Hi I just wanted to let everyone know I have a chat room on my website so if you want to come and chat about Leo please come to the address above thanks!Great page by the way very well done!
Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 01:42:24 AM
Name: Nicole
Comments:leonardo is the best actor on earth!!!no other actor is so cute can so good act as leonardo!to describe leonardo there aren't words!there is one word which I can try to describe him:perfect!!
Monday, August 29th 2005 - 08:34:27 AM
Name: *
Homepage URL: http://websitemaker.kennisnet,nl/leodicaprio
Comments:cool site !!! check my site once Or twice :P
Saturday, December 25th 2004 - 03:16:04 AM
Name: A devoting fan of DI CAPRIO
E-mail address: leo_shahrukh86@yahoo.com
Comments:Well, times running & I completed the 18 years of my life. But what I did in the last couple of years???? Truth is that I did almost nothing. I got so many good opportunities but I failed time after time to utilise that. Now I'm an adult & I have so many responsibilities on my shoulder. But at first, I think I need to introduce myself.
I'm someone living in Bangladesh. My lifes 19th year is now running. I love to listen songs, play games, doing gossip, travelling & so many things. I love so many pretty girls. Oh, they are so cute & gentle. But now I'm going to say some serious words to you LEONARDO.
At first, take my heartest greetings. I know you when I first saw 'Titanic'. I'm a fan of yours since I first saw 'Titanic'. It's my very favourite movie & you acted very very beautifully with Kate Winslet & your presence on that excellent film was like, Oh my God. I also seen 'Romeo & Juliet' & 'The Beach'. You also played a great role on those 2 movie. I would love to say, "Leonardo you're very sweet, nice, charming, best looking, amazing, gorgeous, awesome, brilliant, intelligent, over jinius, extraordinary, mind blowing, breathtaking, exceptional, fantastic, miraculous, special, remarkable, sensational, pretty, attractive, lovely & pleasing. You got an unbelievable beautiful image which attracts me & made you very special to me all the time. Your beautiful blue eyes, lovely silky blond flying hair, wonderful moving - everything just cheers me up. I love you LEONARDO WILHELM DICAPRIO. ...................

Monday, August 16th 2004 - 10:12:40 PM
Name: sandy
Comments:nice site.leo is the gorgeous person alive and the world has ever seen or will see.nice human,nice friend drop dead gorgeous,beeeeeeeesssssssstttttttt actor,loving,caring towards his family and mates.but saying that he cannot dedicate his heart to one woman all through his life is something not so nice of him.
Tuesday, March 16th 2004 - 08:22:35 AM
Name: Katy
E-mail address: pink_candy_cane_cutie_pie_139@hotmail.com
Comments:hi my name is Katy i have ur Leo Mania movie and its quite Interesting lol do u have msn messanger???

Love:ur awsome sexy fan Katy
Saturday, March 13th 2004 - 10:18:28 PM
Name: James
E-mail address: admin@rjhits.com
Homepage URL: http://www.rjhits.com
Comments:WOW this site is awesome if you need visitors to your site come to my site:-)
Friday, October 31st 2003 - 05:01:30 AM
Name: Andrea
E-mail address: anothergirl83@yahoo.de
Homepage URL: http://anothergirl83.tripod.com
Comments:Hi! I just stumbled upon this site & thought I'd leave a message, since I too am a Leo fan. ;) Anyway, this site is GREAT! Keep it up!
Friday, September 12th 2003 - 04:21:57 AM
Name: Julia Haywood
Homepage URL: http://www.4guests.com
Comments:great time.
Sunday, May 18th 2003 - 02:20:28 PM
Name: *M*
E-mail address: rmsdicaprio@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.freewebs.com/rmsdicaprio
Comments:GREAT SITE! Check the RMS Girls site out at www.freewebs.com/rmsdicaprio

Saturday, May 10th 2003 - 08:03:42 PM
Name: Yassy
E-mail address: tennisgirl@worldoftitus.com
Homepage URL: http://www.yassyplanet.de.vu
Comments:Hi Anli!
Deine Website sieht immer besser aus! Kannst ja mal bei mir vorbeischaun.
Yassy ;-)
Friday, April 25th 2003 - 04:57:42 AM
Name: Shaina
E-mail address: shaina@cuteandsingle.com
Homepage URL: http://cuteandsingle.com
Comments:Great idea. I loved it.
Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 02:01:06 AM
Name: Alli
E-mail address: alli@allispage.com
Homepage URL: http://www.allispage.com
Comments:Greetings from miami USA, i thought your page was neat and thought i should sign your book :-), Alli
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 08:10:18 AM
Name: Ezgi
E-mail address: ezgi1991@yahoo.com
Comments:This is such a great website i,ve been loking at it for totally ages oh by the way im a londoner and I love leo keep up the good work its a wicked page!

Saturday, April 12th 2003 - 06:57:37 AM
Name: lucy
E-mail address: lucy@lucyspage.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lucyspage.com
Comments:Hi, just a quick buzz to say how much i liked your site, keep up the good work, lucy :-)
Friday, April 4th 2003 - 07:15:45 AM
Name: Sarah
E-mail address: sarah111@ping.dk
Homepage URL: http://www.angelsmile.tk
Comments:Hey girl!! I like your site!!!
**********KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK******************

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 10:20:35 AM
Name: Blue Lego
Homepage URL: http://www.maintour.com/socal/legoland.htm
Comments:Good Luck
Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 06:23:06 AM
Name: Kurdistani_Xewn
E-mail address: xewnamin@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.windowsakurdi.com
Comments:Hello Anlimara

I am from Kurdistan, I dont know who are you and I can speak just a little English. But as I understand from your article you are an open person. I like poeple like you, because with these people the World can be better. We most Kurdish people want just peace, but we never see it. We think that europan people know everything about Kurds and Kurdistan, but of course this idea is false. So please try to learn more about Kurdish Genoside by Saddams Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran.

I want to leave here with Kurdish greeting

Bi silavên germ...
Sunday, February 9th 2003 - 12:50:42 AM
Name: nadja
E-mail address: jenneferlopez@lycos.de
Comments:hi my name is nadja and i come from Germany your website is my favourite site about leonardo dicaprio, sorry my english is not very good.Can you send me sometimes the new news about leonardo dicaprio to my e-mail.
My e-mail is jenneferlopez´@lycos.de
thank you
I looking forward to hearing from you
bye nadja
Sunday, January 26th 2003 - 02:11:23 PM
Name: Beatrice
E-mail address: katie8292002@yahoo.com
i love your website just as much as i love leo well maybe i love leo a little more!
Sunday, January 19th 2003 - 11:25:49 AM
Name: Bean
E-mail address: drinkfightandfuk@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/dicapriocentral
Comments:i LOVE your webpage! it is incredibly awesome!! its so nice to find a leo page that is still updated! most of them you find havnt been updated since like 1997 or 1998! that sucks! i love leo and i think people should stay devoted to him just like u have!! i am incredibly devoted to leo!! i update my page ALL the time!! a few times a week!! u should come check mine out at www.geocities.com/dicapriocentral
im adding u to my favorites! and im also gonna link u to my page soon!
Thursday, January 16th 2003 - 07:26:30 PM
Name: marjorie
E-mail address: marlis61@hotmail.com
Comments:your page is very nice.. I loved each Leo´s photograpies
besides that I think you are a real loved fan ..
Please if you want write me ..
do it..
Bye Marjorie
a thing i´d like to know if you know personally to him
Tuesday, November 26th 2002 - 09:26:37 AM
Name: scream
Comments:have you quit lovin' leo?????? :(
Monday, October 28th 2002 - 06:21:11 PM
Name: Reina
E-mail address: reina@german-pinscher-dogs.com
Homepage URL: http://www.german-pinscher-dogs.com
Comments:Congratulations on your site!
Friday, August 9th 2002 - 04:03:31 AM
Name: Yumi
E-mail address: yumi@leofans.com
Homepage URL: http://loveleo.ktplan.jp/
Comments:Hi Anlimara.
Nice to meet you. Your website is great!
keep your good job :-)
Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 11:33:04 PM
Name: JojoZ
E-mail address: JojoZ@leofans.com
Comments:Hi Anlimara - I have seen parts of your site before...but only tonight did I really take the time to see it all. It is lovely. The pictures you decided to post of Leo are really wonderful, some I have seen, others I have not. Really nice. Thank you...you set me dreaming tonight with this site. Beautiful...as is he! Love - JOJO
Monday, July 22nd 2002 - 10:50:50 PM
Name: chrismtl
E-mail address: tinamtl@leofans.com
Homepage URL: http://www.chrismtl.fws1.com
Comments:Hi Anlimara, lovely tribute to my favourite actor Leonardo Dicaprio and great to see so many fans supporting him. He truly is a very special actor. Many dankes for all your hard work, nice environment section too. This year is Leo's year.
Monday, July 22nd 2002 - 05:45:18 PM
Name: treggy88
E-mail address: treggy88@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.shell.linux.se/Leo/index.html
Comments:Hi Anlimara! Great to explore your site again, and congratulations on the domain name!

Keep up the great work!

Monday, July 22nd 2002 - 05:34:55 AM
Name: sangeeth
Comments:wooah!!! the layout is cool!
Friday, June 7th 2002 - 12:46:44 AM
Name: kim
E-mail address: kim242@excite.com
Comments:Hi Anlimara..I love your site, and I adore Leonardo Dicaprio. It's wonderful that he has fans such as yourself who are so dedicated and who work so hard to keep his interviews, pictures, and interests alive for all of us to see. Your hardwork is much appreciated by his fellow fans.
Friday, May 10th 2002 - 02:33:06 PM
Name: sarah
E-mail address: sarahmarie@leofans.com
Comments:hello anlimara!I´m a big leofan.do u know when leo will come to berlin in germany again?please write back. do you speak german?sarah
Friday, April 26th 2002 - 06:38:56 AM
Name: anagrace
E-mail address: mallieann@aol.com
Comments:Hi Anlimara
I have visited before, but never signed your Dreambook. This site is well named. You have done such a good job with it. It is great that so many Leo fans have dedicated a site to the most special actor on the silver screen. This promises to be Leo's best year. Let's keep on supporting this wonderful young man and we will be witness to greatness on the screen.
Wednesday, April 17th 2002 - 03:24:24 PM
Name: JojoZ
E-mail address: JojoZ@leofans.com
Comments:Hi Anlimara - I got the link to your site from Rewd posting it on the people board...she mentioned how she got lost here...I can see why...a lovely place to visit and your slections of pics and articles I especially enjoyed...thank you! Love- JOJO
Sunday, April 7th 2002 - 12:08:28 AM
Name: sangeeth
Comments:i coudn't resist scribbling in here once more.i love this site thanx for updating it !!!
Saturday, April 6th 2002 - 07:39:31 PM
Name: Christine
E-mail address: christineoneal@leofans.com
Homepage URL: http://titanicsite.zyfect.com/home.html
Comments:Hi there!! You have an awesome site!!! Keep up the great work. I have linked to your site on my site's links page. Also if you have a banner(about 460x68) or a button(88x31), email it to me and I will put your banner/button on my home page. I've still got a lot of work to do on my site, so please pardon the lack of content.
Tuesday, January 15th 2002 - 08:42:04 AM
Name: sangeeth
E-mail address: scream@sltnet.lk
Comments:luv ya and your leotastic site. keep up the good work dudett.
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 09:18:15 PM
Name: Yassy
E-mail address: unicornie@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.yassyplanet.de.vu
I like your homepage very much. It has got much information about my favourite actor and your design is perfectly well! I hope you'll visit my homepage, too. It's written in German AND English. Please sign my guestbook.
I wish you all the best!
Bye, Yassy :-)
Thursday, December 13th 2001 - 08:44:05 AM
Name: Pim
E-mail address: xena@leofans.com
Comments:Hello Anlimara
this is my frist time wow it's cool side and Hi to everybody here too
Wednesday, November 21st 2001 - 01:35:17 AM
Name: Christine
E-mail address: webmaster@titanicsite.net
Homepage URL: http://www.titanicsite.net/intro.html
Comments:Anlimara, this is an EXCELLENT site!!! I have added your
site to my links page. Come check out my site and please
sign the guestbook. Keep up the great work!!! :)
Tuesday, September 18th 2001 - 04:17:10 PM
Name: shadi vosooghzadeh
E-mail address: sh_v2000@yahoo.com
Comments:hello to the all of leo`s fans:
I just want to say thank you for loving leo & your site is
great.I think leo is the best actor of our generation &he
is gorgeous in every movie.please don`t believe the gossip
which is written obout him in the magazins.
Thursday, July 5th 2001 - 01:49:14 AM
Name: Roxanne W
E-mail address: Roxanne@owt.com
Comments:HI my name is roxanne and I just
wanted to say that I just found your site and
I love it so far, please keep up the good work!
Thursday, May 10th 2001 - 12:07:07 PM
Name: Patricia
E-mail address: hollyp@tiscalinet.it
Comments:Hi Anlimara!

Your Site really cool!

Thanks for having do that!

CIAO from Rome!

P.S. Leonardo "in flesh" is WONDERFUL!
Thursday, April 19th 2001 - 03:54:11 PM
Name: Helena
E-mail address: belena@leofans.com
Comments:Hello Anlimara!
This is my first time here, I realy enjoyed reading all
those interviews, keep up the good work"I'll be back" as
Arnie would say!!
Monday, April 16th 2001 - 10:44:33 AM
Name: Pat_
E-mail address: Pat_mtl_3@yahoo.fr
Comments:Anlimara, I just love your Leomania! A pure delight. And
so easy to follow! A beautiful journey into our beloved
actor. Thank you for the great work!
Saturday, December 2nd 2000 - 08:06:16 PM
Name: Debbie
E-mail address: debbie15@totalnet
Comments:Great work!I love your page.LEO is fabulous.He inspires me
in everything I do.LEO IS THE GREATEST MAN ALIVE!Keep up
the good work you're doing great!LEO RULES!
Tuesday, November 21st 2000 - 03:14:40 PM
Name: Elli
E-mail address: databrent@handshake.de
Comments:Hallo Anlimara! Wow! Deine Site wird immer wundervoller!
Danke, danke für all die Bilder, Infos und Links! Mach
weiter so!!!!
Saturday, October 7th 2000 - 09:15:30 AM
Name: treggy88
E-mail address: treggy88@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://zip.to/treggy88
Comments:I loved exploring your Leomania, Anlimara! Great job! I
especially loved the Environment section. Keep up the great
Sunday, September 17th 2000 - 08:14:17 PM
Name: karen
E-mail address: karenolb@aol.com
Comments:thank you so much, anlimara. this place is wonderful!
Tuesday, September 5th 2000 - 04:01:29 PM
Name: Lou
E-mail address: lou_belgium@hotmail.com
Comments:Great website Anlimara !
Lou (from the Thai Boards)
Thursday, August 31st 2000 - 08:14:15 PM
Name: Kitty
E-mail address: Spicygal18@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/leo_my_sweetie25/
Comments:Hey!!! I absoultley love your page! great start on it!!!!If
you can, please visit mine! Peace, Kitty

You are a true Leo fan!
Wednesday, August 9th 2000 - 07:33:43 PM
Name: Mona Lisa
E-mail address: Mona_Lisa@leofans.com
Comments:AAAH, endlich ein Guestbook! Und das neue Banner ist auch
sehr schön.
Kompliment, Anlimara, die Seite wird immer besser! Go on in
this way!!!
Tuesday, August 8th 2000 - 01:36:28 AM
Name: anlimara
Comments:"Oh - I am the first to sign here and give some comments???
- O no !!!! I can´t do this! I am much too shy...."

"Hilfe - hier hat noch keiner was gesagt?? Und dann soll
ausgerechnet ich den Anfang machen???? Auf gar keinen

Also liebe Gäste und Gästinnen,
seid nicht schüchtern. Wer nichts wagt, gewinnt im Leben nie

Don´t be small and shy! Make me happy and give some commnts
- good or bad ones. :)))


Monday, August 7th 2000 - 12:00:01 PM

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