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Leos Fanforum is closed.


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Site Francais - the Galleries

The Dream Page is closed.


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby (2013) by Baz Luhrmann
The Great Gatsby (1974) by Jack Clayton


Catch Me If You Can

History vs. Hollywood: The True Story


Gangs of New York

Miramax - the Official Site
~ great Clips from the movie ~


The Beach

The Official Beach Site
is closed.

Postcards from The Beach


The Man in the Iron Mask

Chrissi's MITIM Fanpage
a beautiful personal Site with screen shots, articles, thoughts and fan fiction



Make It Count

This is eventually the greatest Titanic fan Site
full of pictures, screen caps and wonderful original graphics !

Back to Titanic

- Incredibly much stuff -

Encyclopedia Titanica
This is the ultimate place for all the devoted fans of the Ship !

National Geographic: Unseen Titanic Gallery


Romeo & Juliet

The Official Romeo + Juliet Site is closed.

R + J Gallery by DiCaprioStyle

I Dream of Claire Danes - Blogspot


Rimbaud & Total Eclipse

A great dedication to Total Eclipse and Arthur Rimbaud in Italian language

Rimbaud Revealed Magazine

The Story of Rimbaud's Life - part of Treggy's Dreampage


The Basketball Diaries

Catholic Boy - the Jim Carroll Website

An extraordinary website about Jim Carroll with a lot of infos on the film


The Quick and the Dead
The Unofficial Web Site



These tumblr gems are a feast for the eyes !

Young Leo Appreciation
DiCaprio Source
Oh so sassy
Leonardo DiCaprio Fan Gurl


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