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Dreaming of Leo
Poses - Black & White

The Dream Page is closed.

Site Francais - the Galleries

Leos Fanforum is closed.


Gangs of New York

Miramax - the Official Site
~ great Clips from the movie ~


The Man in the Iron Mask

Chrissi's MITIM Fanpage
a beautiful personal Site with screen shots, articles, thoughts and fan fiction



Make It Count

- full of pictures, screen caps and wonderful original graphics -

Back to Titanic

- Incredibly much stuff -

Encyclopedia Titanica
the ulti- mate place for all the devoted fans of the Ship -


Rimbaud & Total Eclipse

a great dedication to Total Eclipse and Arthur Rimbaud in Italian language

Rimbaud Revealed Magazine

The Story of Rimbaud's Life - part of Treggy's Dreampage


The Basketball Diaries

Catholic Boy - the Jim Carroll Website

An extraordinary website about Jim Carroll with a lot of infos on the film


The Quick and the Dead
The Unofficial Web Site


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