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GONY Premiere in Dublin


July 2013


It's been 13 years from now that I put My Leomania online. I remember working hard on it the whole summer. Your nice comments in my guestbook encouraged me to go on. The name of the site described exactly what I was feeling. I'm sure I never would have done this for another human being or big star than Leonardo. He always has inspired me and enjoyed my heart.

The site had its up and downs - sometimes I was so busy with it and then as absent as it could be. There also came new (and old) fascinations: for example for the great singer and performer David Bowie whom I saw in several concerts or for the genius of the actor and very aimable (yes!) person Sir Anthony Hopkins. And there are so many other things always waiting...

But .... Leo has achieved to hold and renew my fascination, love and dedication to him again and again. Since a while I've been mainly a fan and admirer of his 'early work' in 'Romeo & Juliet', 'Total Eclipse', the portrait of 'Arnie Grape', 'Gangs of New York', 'Catch Me If You Can'.... His portrait of Arthur Rimbaud touched me deeply through all the years.

And of course: 'Titanic' is my all-time favourite film !

Leonardo has grown and matured since then, and his more recent body of work is also excellent and outstanding. Some of his movies had been a bit too dark and depressing to my taste like 'Shutter Island' or 'Revolutionary Road'. But none of his films is a bad one. 'The Aviator' was brilliant and precise; I liked the rhythm and the tempo of 'The Departed'; I was so moved by 'Body of Lies' (the impossible love story really got me); he's great and beautiful in 'Blood Diamond'; 'Inception' was an impressive project; and - yeah - a bit of my first love came back with his two recent personifications: the bad, dark, mean, unbelievable but brilliant Mr. Calvin Candie and the rich, poor, lonely, naive lover Jay Gatsby who looses everything in the midst of all this beauty and glitter .... I'm really looking forward to Leo's projects in the future !

This site does not intend to always bring the newest stuff the next day (or just before - LOL!): it celebrates and shows Leonardo through all the years that we have been watching him - and I hope I can continue doing that for another while.






Please note: This site is completely unofficial and non-commercial and in no way connected or associated with Leonardo DiCaprio or his companies. It is just made and kept running by a fan for the joy and the pleasure of other fans and with the aim to support Mr. DiCaprio in every way. If there is any stuff on my site I should not have, please let me know. Thank you for listening !