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Gangs of New York


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Leonardo DiCaprio has been filming Gangs of New York at Cinecittá Studios in Rome under the direction of Martin Scorsese from September 18, 2000 to April 13, 2001.

Gangs of New York is the largest production in Miramax´s history and Martin Scorsese´s dream project since many years.


Harry Knowles from Ain´t-It-Cool-News - Preview 2001:

"A brilliant script... brought to life by Martin Scorsese in what will be his largest film ever made by him.... A huge story. With sights unlike anything captured on film before, if they follow the script. Could be one of the great films."


Martin Scorsese - The Dallas Morning Post - October 30, 1999:

"All of Leo's choices in the next few years will be scrutinized because of Titanic. But I think The Gangs of New York is a perfect fit for him. He's the best young actor working in movies today. When you look over his entire body of work, you see his power. I always notice an actor's eyes. Leo's got fire in his eyes. It was there in Titanic and in This Boy's Life and all his early films. "


Factsheet: the Cast


Pictures from the set and from the movie

Gangs of New York - The Photoalbum

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The Making of Gangs of New York

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November, 2002

Empire (UK) - November 2002

PIPELINE - Previews, Rumour and Hype: The Gangs's All Here


October 31, 2002

"Gangs of New York" will open in the US on December 20, 2002 !

USA Today - October 31, 2002: Duelling DiCaprios


October 10, 2002

Finally a decision is within reach: "Gangs of New York" will move to an earlier release date ! Read two interesting articles with the details of what is going on behind the scenes:

The New York Times - October 10, 2002

The Los Angeles Times - October 11, 2002


September 26, 2002

On the occasion of receiving an Outstanding Achievement in Directing Award at the Hollywood Movie Awards Martin Scorsese gave an interview for The Hollywood Reporter:

Interview with Martin Scorsese

Please visit Leo Personally to see photos of Leonardo and a report how he presented the award to Martin Scorsese at the Hollywood Film Festival.


September 2002

An older article re-appeared via Yahoo where Steven Spielberg made some interesting remarks about the release date battle between the studios for CMIYC and GONY, about Harvey Weinstein and Martin Scorsese:

Nola News - June 6, 2002


September 16, 2002

The Belgian composer Dirk Brossé has been asked by Howard Shore to conduct his music for Martin Scorsese's Gangs Of New York. Read everything at The Soundtrack Collector.


September 2002

Martin Scorsese gives an introduction into his work as a filmmaker and his newest work Gangs of New York in particular at the

Esquire Film Issue - Introduction by Martin Scorsese


September 7, 2002

The New York Times:

"An Icy Night, an Old Book, and Decades Later a Movie"


September 1st, 2002

Interview with Daniel Day Lewis

Premiere movie magazine has a very interesting interview article with Daniel Day Lewis in its September issue - rare Leo mention in it, but really worth to read:

The Man Who Knew Too Much


August 26, 2002

The Italian newspaper Il Messaggero reports that Gangs is going to have a premiere in Italy on December 13 this year - thanks to Hollyp! -- There is no other confirmation for this date yet, but there may be some chance this is true, because of director Martin Scorsese's strong bonds to Cinecittà and to Italy -- we'll see.....


August 23, 2002

Here is the first magazine cover for Leonardo DiCaprio since a long time and a great report about "Gangs of New York":

Entertainment Weekly - August 23, 2002


August 18, 2002

Leonardo in a clip in Italian TV:

How Leo got Martin Scorsese

Leo says: "I heard about the GONY when I was 16 and I remember someone told me that Marty want to do this projest..about the young Irish gangster" (then very emotionally:) "OMG..I have to do that..I have to do that...I left my agent when I was 17 to go to new agent in hopes to meet with Marty to get this project but never met Marty for the the next 6 years and finally I represented by Rick Yorn & Mike Ovitz was working with him and I SAID: LOOK...GET ME THIS PROJECT...I want to this project with Marty...I was doing The Beach in Thailand that I got the phone call and they told me Marty wants to do GONY with me...I was shocked...heheheh..."(laughes) "I exactly remember where I was...I was eating Pang Ta in Thailand." (then he laughes again!)

Thanks a lot to Shadi !


August 8, 2002

Confirmation: "Gangs of New York will not be shown at the International Film Festival in Venice this autumn in the end of August. In contradicion to former reports this year "Gangs" is not listed in the programm for the festival on its Official Site.


August 4, 2002

Interview with Cameron Diaz


July 1st, 2002

I´ve re-translated an interesting interview with director Martin Scorsese from a Spanish newspaper:

El Mundo - June 23, 2002:

Martin Scorsese Interview


"Think of it as a Western on another planet"

- some thoughts on the film by Scorsese and screen writer Jay Cocks -


June 12, 2002

The Official GONY Press Book


May 31, 2002

Pictures from Cannes !

page 1 + page 2 + page 3 + page 4


And here is my translation of a small interview Leonardo gave in Cannes for a German magazine:

Gala Interview - May 2002


May 23, 2002

Here´s a little report from Cannes - with photos ! -

and a great report directly from the screening in Cannes by

The National Post - May 21, 2002


May 20, 2002

Cameron Diaz, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio were attending the Cannes Film Festival to promote their new film 'Gangs of New York' on May 20.

Get a first impression of the event from this report:

Yahoo News - May 20, 2002


May 9, 2002

Leonardo in Cannes on May 20 !!

From Reuters/Variety - May 9, 2002:

Martin Scorsese will present his 20-minute "Gangs of New York" reel on May 20, accompanied by the film's stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz. At this special fest event, billed "An Hour With Martin Scorsese," the director will also pay tribute to the late Billy Wilder.


April 26, 2002

"I'm no angel..." --- Harvey Weinstein, head of Miramax, responds to accusations that he has been heavy-handed with director Martin Scorsese on the set of Gangs of New York in:

The Guardian (UK) - April 26, 2002


April 24, 2002

Leonardo in Cannes !

The Official Cannes Film Festival Site has announced the festival program today. It says:

La Croisette will also welcome Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Emily Watson, Sergio Castellito, Adam Sandler, Ralph Fiennes, Gabriel Byrne, Timothy Spall, Adrien Brody, Matt Damon, Alain Chabat, Charles Aznavour, Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Irons, Patricia Kaas, Claudia Cardinale, Rosanna and Patricia Arquette, Antonio Banderas, ....

Furthermore, Martin Scorsese, accompanied by his actors, will present 20 minutes of his upcoming feature Gangs of New York.

- Mr. Scorsese will be at the Cannes film festival anyway as a member of the Jury. The festival is running from May 15 to 26.


April 12, 2002

GONY finished

Roger Friedman reports: The final cut of Gangs of New York is finished and Martin Scorsese very happy about the result !

Fox Column 411 - April 12, 2002

So what are we waiting for ???


April 10, 2002

It´s official !

The Official Miramax GONY Site has confirmed the release date for Christmas 2002 !


Daily Variety - April 10, 2002:

Scorsese joins Jury at Cannes

PARIS (Variety) - Director Martin Scorsese will be joining Woody Allen, David Lynch, Catherine Deneuve and a host of other international stars when he heads to the Cannes Film Festival next month to top the short film and Cinefoundation jury. Scorsese will be doing double-duty in Cannes. Roughly 17 minutes of his upcoming "Gangs of New York," the high-budgeted Miramax film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, are expected to screen during the fest, and he'll be on hand to support the film.


April 9, 2002

Miramax delays GONY debut until December

From Yahoo/Reuters:

Miramax Films has delayed the release of its high-profile movie "Gangs of New York" with Leonardo DiCaprio until December as talk of a rising budget and tension among the film's makers swirled around Hollywood on Monday. A studio spokesman confirmed the delay, marking the second postponement of the "Gangs" debut date. But he declined to comment on speculation that Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein and the film's director, Martin Scorsese, are at odds over the movie about gang violence in pre-Civil War New York.

Read the whole article at Yahoo/Reuters - April 9, 2002

NY Daily News reports that this would mean that two Leo DiCaprio movies would compete at the Box Office at the same time.

Variety reports that neither Jeffrey Katzenberg/Dreamworks nor Harvey Weinstein/Miramax are willing to change their plans about the start of their film.


Lois Smith, publicity representative for Scorsese, comments on the NY Sunday Times article in the Los Angeles Times - Morning Post - on April 9:

"Marty has cut it down since that time [the first test screening in October], and there's nothing in that version he misses now," she told The Times Monday. "After the fine-point editing, it may be even shorter than that. Though Marty may shoot a new ending or add inserts, Miramax is going along with his program. There was a sensational screening of 'Gangs' in New York Friday night and [Miramax co-Chairman] Harvey [Weinstein] loved the film. Whatever differences they've had between them have been resolved." -- Thanks to Pax !


April 7, 2002

Laura M. Holson from the New York Times gives a long and detailed report of what might have been happened behind the scenes between Harvey Weinstein and Martin Scorsese, causing all the confusing reports and rumours we were getting about the non-finished films and further delays.

The New York Times - April 7, 2002

According to the article, Ken Sunshine, a spokesman for Leonardo DiCaprio, watched a 2 hour and 40 minutes screening last Friday and said: "I think no one should believe the buzz", referring to the criticism of the delays.

Neal Travis in his NY Post Column writes, "the (NY) Times was actually reporting a situation that existed a couple of months ago but has now been resolved quite amicably." -- Thanks to Lynlee !


April 4, 2002

Ted Casablanca gives a good resumé of the back and forth concerning the release date of GONY, the question what might be the reason for it, the question if the film is finished or not....

Just read Ted Casablanca´s Column :))


March 28, 2002

The German newspaper "Die Welt" reports that the long-awaited Gangs of New York will have a 30 minute short screening at the film festival in Cannes in May, and that the whole 160 minute (!) film will have its premiere in September in Venice. The stars of the film, Scorsese, Diaz, Day-Lewis and DiCaprio will be in attendance.


March 18, 2002

GONY delayed into the fourth quarter?

"....Miramax was also forced to postpone the December opening of its expensive Martin Scorsese epic, "Gangs of New York," starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The film, which carries a steep $100 million price tag, was recently rescheduled for a July 12 debut, which would pit it against DreamWorks' Tom Hanks vehicle "The Road to Perdition." Although there has been no official announcement, Miramax now appears to be moving "Gangs" once again -- back to fourth quarter of 2002."

Here is the full article about Miramax from The Hollywood Reporter.

I know for sure that I don´t have the slightest interest to post anything here anymore about more GONY delays - WE WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE !!!



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