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The Shooting at Cinecittá in Rome



Leonardo arrives in Rome -
- First Photos from the set in Cinecittà -
- Leo & Gisele in Rome - Sightseeing with his family

Click: Leo in Rome 2000



April 17, 2001

Leonardo is back at home ! He has been spotted on Sunday at a Lakers game in L.A., all dressed in black. I think he was tired, but happy !


April 12, 2001

Yahoo Daily Variety: Gangs of New York "is the most expensive movie ever made by Miramax: § 90 million", Harvey Weinstein says. And: Leonardo is filming his last scenes on Friday, April 13, in Rome, then he will return home. Finally ! Have a good trip, Leo !


April 10, 2001

While still working on the set last week, Leonardo hurt his finger in a fight scene last Thusday.

Photo: Leo leaving the American Hospital in Rome - April 6, 2001


April 1st, 2001

The long and exhausting shooting at Cinecittá Studios is coming to an end now ! Martin Scorsese gave a party this saturday in Rome to celebrate with the actors and all the workers. Leo was there, it sounds like he has been enjoying the party. Read the full story here from Il Messagero !


Excerpt from NY Observer Courtesy (Thanks to Peanut!)

"Mr. Weinstein explained that Miramax's production and distribution slate for the coming year is a much stronger indication of his tastes in film. They include smaller foreign acquisitions, such as the Berlin Film Festival jury prize-winner Italian for Beginners, the American independent film In the Bedroom (which Miramax acquired at Sundance), Bridget Jones' Diary, which opens on April 13, and Mr. Scorsese's Gangs of New York, which, he said, is the largest production in Miramax's history, and for which Miramax has yet to set a release date, but which may be premiered by the end of the year. "


March 18, 2001

Here´s an old article from the Dallas Morning Post from 1999, where Scorsese gave an interviews and made some very nice remarks about Leo.

And after all the annoying tabloid press from this past winter, GONY execute producer Graham Kink takes up the cudgels for Leonardo - here´s a very nice article !


March 15, 2001

The British Cosmopolitan has an article about Cameron Diaz with an interesting part on GONY, Martin Scorsese and Leo.


March 12, 2001

How long will Leo stay in Rome ??


NY Post - Page Six - Liz Smith - 12.03.01

Another Miramax golden girl, Cameron Diaz, was celebrated in Rome the other day, after the completion of her scenes in Martin Scorsese's "Gangs of New York." The director and studio head Harvey Weinstein presented Diaz with an exquisite necklace as a thank you for her vital on-screen performance and her relaxed off-screen charm . . .


March 2001

The first official photos from the set on Leonardo´s O-Site !

And here is a great panoramic view !


February 27, 2001

The French Studio magazine has a fascinating article about the work in Cinecittá:

On the tracks of Scorsese

Many thanks to Pat_ of Montreal who has translated the whole article !


February 22, 2001

GQ magazine - March 2001 : The Epic Struggle of Martin Scorsese

"The young actor (Leo) didn´t want to devote his career to appeasing his teenyboppers following. He wanted quirky parts; he also wanted to be directed by distinguished filmmakers ... (He) respected know-how and commitment. "

Many thanks to Ann for scanning the article and to Pitssymoon for typing it !


February 8, 2001

An extra extra talks about his impressions of the work On the set with Leonardo, and Barbara Bouchet was interviewed by an Italian TV reporter about Leo.


February 2, 2001

There was an incident with paparazzi when the set was filming in a park in Rome - an angry Leo threw horse dung against paparazzi who didn´t stop making pictures after an accident with horses had happened.


January 28, 2001

Director Martin Scorseze, left, Italian actress VIrna Lisi, center, and Leonardo Di Caprio, 26, hold the golden statue of the "Rodolfo Valentino" award, assigned during a gala dinner in Rome's Hilton Hotel, Saturday, Jan. 27, 2001. The 27th edition of the award, named after the late Italian movie star Rudolfo Valentino, was assigned to Leonardo di Caprio, for the category of best actor, American Martin Scorsese, as best film director and Italian Virna Lisi, as best actress.

Report from the party

Interview with Martin Scorsese from Il Massagero

Info about the Rodolpho Valentino Award

Read Leonardo´s speech and the report from the O-Site !


January 2001

The Moviemaker: Report from the set of Gangs of New York

Thanks to Pax and Ester !


January 16, 2001

From Leo´s O-Site :

"Gangs Resumes Shooting

After kicking back for Christmas and the New Year, Gangs of New York, is set to resume shooting as of January 8th, 2001.

Scheduled through the end of March, Gangs is surprisingly on schedule, overcoming the tranquil temptations of the Italian Siesta with inspired accuracy.

As for Leo, after a two week hiatus in Los Angeles spent with family and friends, it's back to work in Rome."

Leo & Gisele on the beach in Malibu


January 4, 2001

From Reuters/Variety by Army Archerd:

"Leonardo DiCaprio who spent Christmas and New Year´s in Los Angeles returns to Rome next week to resume Martin Scorsese´s epic Gangs of New York."


December 24, 2000

NY Daily News - 24.12.00

Martin Scorsese and the cast of his Gangs of New York had a Christmas party last week in Rome, which is doubling as Our Town. Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein came over from the real New York with a bit of Italy. He treated Scorsese and company to a private screening of "Malena," the Sicilian drama starring the gorgeous Monica Bellucci. . . .


Leonardo went back to L.A. during the break of shooting in Rome to spend the holidays with his friends and family in sunny California.

A Merry Christmas to him and a very happy New Year !


December 2000

Leo too late on the set? Yelled by the director?

Read here the very truth - LOL !!


November 19, 2000

Here is a lively report from the set from an Italian magazine -

Thanks to Fronny !


November 12, 2000

The New York Times magazine has a report from the set in Cinecittá.


October 26, 2000

Film Unlimited: Daniel Day-Lewis is working in a London butcher´s shop to prepare for his role in Gangs of New York.


October 18, 2000

According to Il Messaggero from Oct. 18, 2000, Barbara Bouchet has joined GONY for to play the mother of Cameron Diaz in the movie.

"I was presented to casting without makeup and my hair not done," Bouchet tells. "After the testing they told me that Scorsese was happy that I was introduced to him and that he wanted me for his film." Of her co-stars, Bouchet says that Cameron is "sunny, happy, witty". Different from her impression of DiCaprio: "He is quiet, set apart, on the defensive. I realize that he suffers from not being able to live the relaxed life of his contemporaries."


October 16, 2000

Article from Variety: Why is Harvey Weinstein smiling ?


October 8, 2000

From Upcoming Movies:

10/3/00 - Jim Broadbent (Topsy-Turvy) and John C.Reilly (The Perect Storm) have come aboard, and it´s confirmed that Liam Neeson is indeed in the film, despite his injury. It´s still unknown if Pete Postlethwaite did sign on or if his role is being played by one of the other actors.

Thanks to Gabi !

October 3, 2000

About Daniel Day-Lewis:

US weekly, Oct. 9, 2000:

"My Left Eye - Daniel Day-Lewis´ new look might scare some of his female fans. The actor who is just returning to the business after a four-year hiatus, might not be recognized in Gangs of New York, now shooting in Rome. In the film, set in the 19th century, he plays Bill the Butcher, a glass-eyed gang leader, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Day-Lewis recently visited celebrity opthalmologist Mich Cassell in his New York office to be outfitted with a specially designed contact lens that bears the emblem of a bald eagle with a red, white and blue banner."

Thanks to Pax for the info !


September 27, 2000

ShowBizIrelandNews: The 11 year old Devon Murray has joined Gangs of New York to play Amsterdam as a child. Doesn´t he look a lot like the young Leo ?


September 20, 2000

An article from Variety confirms that the work on the GONY set has finally begun !

Scorsese and Miramax began production Monday - September 18 - in Italy on "Gangs of New York," which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz. IEG and Miramax are financing the pic.

"We are thrilled" about the new deal, Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein told Daily Variety. "It's been a dream of mine for a long time, which became a reality with 'Gangs.' Marty's production company has been supportive of Miramax ever since we started the company."

Thanks to Pax for keeping us always informed !!


September 19, 2000

IMDb Boards :

Furey For Dicaprio Film

Irish folk legend FINBAR FUREY is to make his acting debut alongside Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio. FUREY will star alongside the Titanic (1997) actor in the new Martin Scorsese film Gangs of New York, The (2001). He will fly out to Rome today to begin a four-day shoot. Finbar was approached by casting agents after one of them noticed his picture on the sleeve of a Furey Brothers' album. His manager Gerry Browne says, "He's very excited, but scared as hell. "He's already trying to get ready for the role. He's begun wearing a hat and is walking around like Marlon Brando."


September 13, 2000

Jeannie Williams´Column - USA today, Sep. 13, 2000:

Update: Liam Neeson is calling well-wishers to say he´s making a full recovery from that July 11 motorcycle crash near his home. "I´m getting stronger and stronger each day," he tells me. He´s mending at home from a fractured pelvis with a rehab routine including swimming and exercising. The Irish star is still scheduled to join Martin Scorsese´s "Gangs of New York", but no date is set. He´s so much better that he´s due today at Donna Karan´s New York launch of her DKNY men´s fragrance, featuring the town´s most dynamic men as chosen by Details mag.

Thanks to Pax !


September 11, 2000

Leo visited his Oma in Germany ! Read this article !

Und hier ist der deutsche Bericht darüber in der Stirnberger Zeitung .


September 5, 2000

Here is an article from from Sept. 2 about the possible further delay of the start of the filming. I don´t know how trustworthy this source is.


September 4, 2000

It is said in different articles that the whole crew is in Rome now (Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis); Leo is stressed by too many paparazzis everywhere; his girlfriend Gisele has visited him in Rome; he has made a new commercial for Telecom - and here are the newest photos of him from Rome !


August 24, 2000

Leonardo has arrived in Rome: This is the first picture taken at the airport.


August 17, 2000

From Variety, August 17, 2000

Henry Thomas has signed to join Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis in "The Gangs of New York", with director Martin Scorsese poised to begin production in Rome in September. Thomas will play Johnny Scirocco, the best friend of Amsterdam Vallon (DiCaprio), the young man who tries to unite Gotham´s ethnic gangs. He´ll next be seen starring with Matt Damon in the Billy Bob Thornton-directed "All the Pretty Horses", the co-production between Columbia and Miramax, which will be released by the latter. He has also starred in three independent films: the Sergei Bodroc-directed "The Quickie", the Zev Berman-directed "Briar Patch" and the Gustavo Lipsztein-directed "Dead in the Water".

August 15, 2000

Cinecitta Studios say that the filming of GONY will start on August 30, 2000 and will last for 18 weeks. - Thanks to Pax for the info!

August 12, 2000

From Rush & Molloy - thanks to Tenacious for the info!

TOUGH WIFE FOR TOUGH DUDE - Liam Neeson is one tough dude

At least, that´s what the doctors said to his wife, Natasha Richardson, after Neeson crashed his 1989 Harley into a tree near their house in Dutchess County on July 11.

"The doctors kept saying, 'Thank God he´s so strong and in such great shape.' Lesser mortals wouldn´t have made it," Richardson says in the September issue of W. "It looks like Liam will be able to be walking and even working by fall."

When Richardson heard about the accident, she was in Toronto working on a CBS miniseries called Haven. She drove eight hours during the night to be by his side, and when she arrived at Lenox Hill Hospital, she was told how close Neeson had come to buying the farm. He had to undergo a few rounds of surgery to repair a broken pelvis and a fractured heel.

"He´s going to be fine and make a complete recovery," says Richardson. "He´s not going to be disfigured, but believe it or not, it was a touch-and-go situation."

August 7, 2000


After playing the eponymous criminal in The General, the busy Irish actor Brendan Gleeson is set to play another gangster known as The Monk. However, this character is an Irish-American operating out of New York City in the 1860, and the role is a key one in Martin Scorsese´s $100 million production, Gangs of New York, which starts filming shortly at Cinecitta Studios in Rome. Gleeson joins a cast that includes Daniel Day-Lewis in his first film for four years, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz.

July 27, 2000

Cinecitta Studios - July 27, 2000: Director Martin Scorsese is expected to arrive in Rome on Monday - July 31, 2000 - to prepare the beginningg of the filming of Gangs in New York.