Quotes from the Press Kit for
Body of Lies

Ridley Scott

Leo is honestly one of the most interesting actors I've ever worked with because he's so easygoing and fun, and yet he's so 'on it,'" Scott says of the versatile actor. "He is very smart and fervently professional, and his preparation is seamless. He's fantastic to work with. I've always been impressed by his work, but I was even more impressed than I thought I'd be."


Russell Crowe

At the time they filmed "The Quick and the Dead," DiCaprio was still a teenager, and Crowe notes, "A lot of big things have happened to Leo since then. I was really pleased to see that underneath all of his success, he's still the same bloke. We had a lot of laughs."


Goshifteh Farahani /Ferris' love interest Aisha

Leo was absolutely great," says Farahani. "He's so generous and made me feel so comfortable. He really helped me a lot. Acting with him was a great honor."


From DiCaprio's Arabic dialect coach

Keeping it real also meant that DiCaprio had to learn to speak Arabic, including several different Arabic dialects, a challenge even for an actor with a proven gift for adopting accents. "It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do as an actor," he admits. "My dialect coach, Sam Sako, was invaluable to me. He broke down the different dialects and we rehearsed them for weeks before shooting."

"It's very difficult for non-Arabic-speaking people to learn the Arabic language because a lot of sound comes from the throat," explains Sako, a native of Iraq and a Hollywood veteran. "Americans speak from the mouth, so they are not accustomed to using those vocal muscles. He was a wonderful student."

At times, Sako had to come up with dialogue for DiCaprio on the spot, per Scott's direction. "I would tell him how to say something and he took notes. Two minutes later, we'd be shooting and he did it perfectly. His pronunciation was amazing."


From his stunt action coach

With the exception of dodging a major explosion and having his legs bitten by ferocious dogs, DiCaprio did all of his own stunts. "There were a few very intense, very difficult action sequences," he allows. "Running through Rabat with rabid dogs chasing me, the knife fight...they were very hard to do, especially in the heat of the desert. But Ridley is so prepared for this kind of stuff and makes you feel so at ease, it's just another day's work."

"He's very good with the physical stuff," Aguilar says of DiCaprio, with whom he had also worked on "Gangs of New York" and "The Departed." "We'd rehearse a sequence and he'd make changes that felt right for his character. He's very specific about what his character would and wouldn't do. So we gave him a template, and then he'd put his own spin on it."


Ridley Scott

I'd always wanted to work with Ridley Scott," DiCaprio states. "He is one of today's great filmmakers, and he keeps making amazing films in every type of genre. So doing this film was exciting for me right from the get-go."


Russell Crowe

And Russell is intensely real and very present," adds DiCaprio, who previously worked with Crowe in the 1995 Western "The Quick and the Dead." "I just think he is one of the great actors of our time, so it was great to go at him again. We had some powerfully dynamic, combative scenes together in this film. You relish those moments when you have another actor sitting across from you that can match everything you do and give more back. It's an adrenaline rush."


Goshifteh Farahani

Golshifteh is a fantastic actress," DiCaprio states. "A lot of her unfamiliarity with depicting male-female relationships in western movies was infused into Aisha and Ferris' dynamic. Ferris feels a very strong affinity for Aisha. He's very respectful of her culture and tradition, and he works at developing a relationship with her."


Mark Strong

"Mark Strong thoroughly engaged me as an actor," DiCaprio says. "I had a great time working with him. He was magnetic to watch. Even my father talks about how cool Hani is, and how he wants to dress like him because he's such a badass."



Morocco is an interesting place. It was a challenging filming experience, but I enjoyed my stay there," says DiCaprio. "I love the people and the culture. The marketplace in Marrakesh is something that everyone in the world should see at least once, especially if they are big travelers. It's a phenomenal sight."


Another comment by Scott about DiCaprio

"He has a lot of talent and experience, but the best thing for him is that he is a perfect team player," revealed the filmmaker. " He knows that this is his profession, and he does not behave like the big star that is."


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