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Titanic has put me in an incredible position and I´m not going to let this celebrity thing destroy it. I am a young actor, and I´m trying to experiment and to try different characters and to have different filmmaking experiences.

Leonardo during the Beach promotion tour



In these days a big "THANK YOU" goes to the FANTASTIC Leos !

DiCaprio Exblog Japan & are great sources, too.


Without Gabi's Message Board I would never know all the news about my favourite celeb - she always kept the German and the international Leo Fan community updated !

Thank you !

Thanks to Richard and his thaistudents for the central home for Leo fans from all over the world:

Many thanks to Pax, Ann, Treggy, Isabella, Arnzilla, Tenacious, Liz (UK), Pat, Ester, Lynlee, Peanut, Diane, Courtney, Joke and the other wonderful ladies who always share their news and articles about everything they found about Leo !


Thanks a lot to the nice and beloved ladies from the German Board - Shaolin, Elli, Chrissi, Mona Lisa, Gabi, Eve & Susanna - for always supporting me with pictures and infos !

I'm very glad, proud and thankful to be a part of such a great fan community that the Leo fans are, and I know I wouldn't have been able to build up the site without knowing them. So I still hope the site will be a pleasure for the visitors and a place where many things concerning Leo can be found for a long time. :)


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For the first version of my Site in 2000 I did collect the pictures from all over the net for more than a year, a lot of them I found on the Messageboards, others I discovered on different Websites, and I really don´t remember any more, where each one of them came from. So, as I was not capable to ask for the permission to use them here - just for your and my pleasure - I want to say THANK YOU to the owners of all the wonderful websites I found in the Web.

The Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Page - The Dreampage - Le Site Francais - Leopalooza

LDS Supporters in Japan - Pon´s Page - Leonardo & Claire Page

Guinsei´s Another Heaven

Patoise´s Eyegasm Site - Jerry´s Kingdom

The Leo Sound Page - Leonardo the Phenomenon

Erica´s Titanic Page - Omni Leonardo

Lost in the Stars - The DiCaprio Style - The Fantasy Isle - Riding The Waves

Girlie´s Kick Ass Page - Chieko´s Pics World

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It was with great pleasure that I hosted the beautiful collages of PinkLady's World here for many years. Now I decided it's time to move on and they are no longer part of the Site. Thanks for a great time !