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Is Leonardo DiCaprio a real life Romeo?

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Do you fall in love easily?

Not really. Itīs always been a slow process for me each time Iīve gone into a relationship. Iīve never done anything like Romeo and Juliet, who meet one night and she tells him she wants to get married! But I do believe it can happen, love at first sight. Itīs just that Iīm 21 and it hasnīt happened to me yet!

So are you going out with anybody at the moment?

Iīve had a girlfriend for a year now, and itīs been great. Itīs my first really long term relationship. Sheīs not an actress, which is probably for the best. I canīt wait to see her at the end of the day. Iīm very happy. Well, pretty happy.

As someone whoīs not in the business, what does she think about it all?

Sheīs not really round it that much. She hasnīt even been in front of a TV crew yet. I mean, weīll have a problem if she comes up and starts waving at the cameras when Iīm doing an interview, but I know sheīs not that type. She really doesnīt like all that stuff. Sheīs probably going to back well away from it.

Whatīs she like?

Her name is Kristen. Sheīs good-looking and thatīs why I started talking to her. I donīt go for certain types of girl - theyīve all been different from each other. And she is different.

Are you still as mad about her now as you were when you first met?

Yeah, I still think sheīs just as cute. Sheīs like the cutest thing Iīve ever seen in my whole life, and sheīs really sweet. Sheīs also very calm - she really calms me down. Sheīs easy going about everything and not highly strung, which I wouldnīt be able to deal with.

So whatīs the most romantic thing youīve ever done for her?

Oh, boy, what a tough question. I havenīt bought up a whole flower store or anything, although I just got her some flowers recently. I bought her a watch once and she loved that. I havenīt climbed up a building for her or anything, either. I flew her out to Mexico to see me on a film set, but thatīs about it!

Do you live together?

No, I live alone now. I moved out of my momīs house and now Iīm living on my own in Los Angeles. Iīve got this fantastic appartment here.

What do your parents think of her?

Oh, I definitely donīt have any problems like that in my life. Both of our families are okay about us being together. Luckily, in this day and age, the situation isnīt like that. And, if we do get banished and thrown out on the streets by our parents, we have more chance of surviving!

You seem to be working hard and spending a lot of time with your ladee. Do you find any time to be wild these days?

I had the summer off once we finished Romeo and Juliet and we spent the time doing everything I needed to do to fill my "quota" as a teenager, so I sort of went on a wild thing. I went travelling, bungee-jumping and sky-diving.

Do you get fed up with people comparing you to James Dean?

I used to, but if I was honest, I really love James Deanīs performances. I thought he really had a lot of good stuff going on, so itīs very flattering. James Dean and Montgomery Cliff are the only actors whoīve really made me feel for them on screen. They played really tortured souls and you felt like they were always on the verge of tears. They were the only ones who could look really sad and get me to say, "Oh, boy, whatīs wrong?" I donīt know if I have that.

You come across as a really happy-go-lucky guy. What do you draw on for the emotional stuff?

Oh, Iīm kinda happy-go-lucky. I havenīt had a really tragic sort of life. I think Iīve had a lot of good luck, so I have to make up bad stuff in my head to get me emotional. Romeo and Juliet was the most emotional movie Iīve ever done. I had to be a wreck, a crying shambles, every other scene. To do that I had to take 20 minutes in the corner visualizing horrible things, like my family dying. Thatīs the main thing that gets me going.

How involved are your parents with your career?

My father has a lot to do with it. Together we read the scripts I get sent and he gives me his opinion. I have my agents who are really involved, too, and my manager, so itīs not just my family.

What happens if you and your dad disagree?

Ultimatively itīs my decision, but we usually agree. We havenīt disagreed yet. I think Iīm lucky to have a lot of good people around to help me choose such good scripts, because I donīt have much time to read stuff.

Your next film is Titanic. Is there going to be any romance in that?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I play this young artist from Paris and Iīve been out there drawing, and she is an upper class girl. Iīm travelling in third class and we meet up and mess around, even though sheīs engaged to someone else. Then thereīs all this chaos going on with the ship sinking...

Do you and Kate survive, or do you go down with the ship?

She lives on. As for me, how can I make a film if I donīt die?!