Detroit Free Press - August 25, 2013


Leonardo DiCaprio's in top form in 'The Great Gatsby'

by Julie Hinds


Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby
and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan
in 'The Great Gatsby.'

Leonardo DiCaprio morphs into a rich, corrupt stockbroker, retro style, for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the Martin Scorsese movie opening in November. But as delicious as DiCaprio’s ’90s-era hedonism is in the trailer (check out those dance moves), let’s linger on his previous great performance — in “The Great Gatsby,” available Tuesday on DVD, Blu-ray and on demand. The persistently underrated Leo is perfect as self-invented millionaire Jay Gatsby, whose surface splendor hides his doomed quest to parlay wealth and power into a second chance at the love of a woman born to the upper class. DiCaprio is marvelously vulnerable here — and the shot of him framed outside Gatsby’s mansion against a sky full of fireworks is one for the ages.