Leonardo on Paul Newman


He comes from that era of actors along with the Deans, Brandos and Clifts that I, that we all looked at, as actors who changed the art form.


Not only was he a part of the great generation of actors that we all admired, he was the model of what you would want your correct professional career to be.

He was a very serious actor who turned out unbelievable performances in so many great movies, but simultaneously his charitable contributions outside of his work were so profound and still continue to be through his foundation and his Newman's Own products.

He was the role model of all role models in that sense. I didn't know the man, but at the end of the day, you felt that he led a normal life and ended up being a normal human being through a career that lasted over 50 years in the industry. And he managed, outside of his work, to do great things, and that's admirable. It's a sad day.


For me personally, his is the kind of life I would like to lead in this industry. Not only was he classy and phenomenally talented, but he led a normal life. He was also extraordinarily philanthropic and gave back such a tremendous amount. He was the ultimate role model."


~ Leonardo DiCaprio ~