Gala - May 29, 2002


Leonardo DiCaprio Is Back - and he´s a man !


Since two years we haven´t seen you on the big screen. The huge pressure after "Titanic" - was it responsable for that?

Leonardo: Of course, after a film like "Titanic" everybody espects a project, which will be extremely succesful at the box office. People notice carefully: What is he going to do next? I feel that, but I try, not to be influenced by this. It may sound a bit naif: but I just try to find the roles which challenge me.

Does this mean, you also would take a role in a small Independent project?

Leonardo: Yeah, of course. I´m open-minded for everything!

You spent a lot of time and even your own money into Martin Scorsese´s new film "Gangs of New York"...

Leonardo: It was the most exhausting project of my career. We worked for nine months on the project, and you can see me in almost every scene. Also, we had prepared the film for one year. But I´ve learnt more during this shot as I´ve ever learned in all the roles that I´ve done before. After half an hour working with Scorsese you know more about films than in several semesters on a film high school. He lives and breathes cinema - 24 hours a day !

There have always been stories that you loved it more to party than to work on the set at night.

Leonardo: For some reason I have the image of a man about town. But I can assure you, that I never was on parties instead of appearing on the set.

You look amazing fit. How did you made this?

Leonardo: I have practiced like crazy in a fitness center. For this film I´ve gained about 30 pounds (half-kilos) on muscles.

Interview: Christian Aust

- translated by anlimara -