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"I think that cinema is the greatest modern art form. No painting makes me want to stare at it for two hours or gives me an experience that a movie does."

Leonardo in Parade, December 2004



Rolling Stone - January 2016:
Leonardo DiCaprio's Crusade

GQ India - March 2016:
'The Revenant' star on surviving fame, parachute malfunctions,
climate change and filming in Canada's frozen tundra


People - August 12, 2016:
Baz Luhrmann Explains How Leonardo
DiCaprio 'Put Me Through the Hoops' on Gatsby

BBC - February 27, 2016:
Leonardo DiCaprio: The enigmatic actor

Agnieszka Holland, director of 'Total Eclipse', talks about Leonardo


PopSugar - February 2016:
"Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio Is Very Much Aware
of All Those Internet Memes About His Win !"

Vanity Fair - February 29, 2016:
How Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrated His First Oscar Win

Vanity Fair - February 23, 2016:
Why Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar
History Has Everyone Saying "It's Time"


Deadline - February 10, 2016:

Leonardo DiCaprio on
the hard-knock film education
that led to 'The Revenant': Q&A


Variety - February 5, 2014:
Leonardo discusses 'Wolf' at Variety Screening in NYC

Variety - February 2, 2014:
Leo unleashes a fearless 'Wolf' performance - with great photos !


Los Angeles Times - January 30, 2014:
It wasn't always wine, roses & 'Wall Street' for Leonardo

Cosmopolitan - January 26, 2014:
Ten Reasons why Leonardo will be wonderful forever

Esquire - May 2013:


The Moment Leonardo DiCaprio Became a Man


Wallstreet Journal - April 19, 2013:
Leo and his fascination for the arts

Express (UK) - January 4, 2013:
"Kate Winslet remains my closest friend"


PCM Reviews - December 24, 2012:
Leo's evil character Calvin Candie


Vibe magazine - November 2012:
'Django Unchained' Interview

with Leonardo, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx


GQ - September 2011:
The Leo Tapes

Interview with Leonardo and Clint Eastwood

Talks magazine - November 9, 2011:
"I'm a lot calmer now"



Rolling Stone - August 2010:
Leonardo DiCaprio Faces his Demons

USA Weekend - February 4, 2010:
"I keep things light in my life"

Esquire - February 2010:
How Do You Become Leo DiCaprio?
Scorsese: Why Leo DiCaprio Is an Essential Actor



GQ 'Men of the Year' Interview 2008

Javno Interview
Leo talks about making movies, his eco-activism, and what is fulfilling

The Deadbolt Interview:
Politics, Palin & Pain with Leo DiCaprio - October 2008

Parade magazine - October 2008


"I Want to Stand for Something !"

Movies Online
Interview with Russell Crowe, Ridley Scott and Leo


Interview with Leonardo
from the Marrakesh Film Festival
- ~ Dec. 4-7 2007

aired on Dec. 23. 2007

AdelaideNow - October 7, 2007
Leonardo talks about 'The 11th Hour'

with Leila and Nadia Conners Petersen,
and about the intention behind his recent film choices

GQ December 2006:


Leonardo - Leading Man
- Interview by Chris Heath

The Times - November 2006
Q & A with Leonardo

about Filming in Africa and more...


GQ Januar 2005:
Giorgio Armani Interviews Leonardo

Parade - The Maui News:


"I Want an Authentic Life" - December 12, 2004


The Empire Interview - February 2003


The New York Times Magazine:
The Kid Stays in the Pictures - November 24, 2002


Rolling Stone - March 2000


The Rolling Stone Interview by Chris Mundy

February 2000


The Face Interview

Chris Connelly interviews Leonardo
- (The MTV interview) - Spring 2000

Playboy Interview about The Beach


A TV Show with Byron Allen and Leonardo ~ December 1999

Big Hit Interview - Feb 1999
"How has the success of Titanic changed you?"

Dolly Magazine Australia 1998/99

People Magazine - January 26, 1998
Riding the Wave - the Leomania


Vanity Fair - January 1998
Leonardo's Masterpiece


> Fold-Out Giant Poster Mag 1998
I don't want to be a Mainstream Movie Star!

TV Hits Star Collection Special - issue 8, 1998
Interview about Leo's new life after Titanic

Superstars Fanzine - July 1998
Interview about "Man in the Iron Mask"

TV Hits Interview
Is Leonardo a real life Romeo?

Celebrity Sightings - 1997 Interview about 'Titanic'

E! Online: Interview about Romeo and Juliet

December 4, 1996: Interview about Marvin's Room


Detour - November 1996


Rebel Just Because


Paper magazine - September 1995
Leo Rising

Interview on 'Total Eclipse' & his early work


Live Kicking magazine
Making major tidal waves

USA today - April 19, 1995
This Actor's Life Exudes Potential

(Source unknown)
Leonardo as Arnie Grape



Movieline 1995: The Young Lion


'Interview' magazine - June 1994


"I've always been wild."


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