Leonardo´s Laker Mania


During May and June 2000 Leo could be spotted all the time at the NBA finals that took place in the Staples Stadion of Los Angeles.

Here are some photos:



L.A.Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers

April 20, 2000

109 : 94


with Tobey Maguire





L.A.Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers

June 7, 2000

104 : 87






From Leonardo´s Official Homepage:



June 4th, Staples Center - For the first time in ten years, the Lakers are going back to the big dance. Powering over the Portland Trail Blazers, the Lakers managed to come back from a fifteen point deficit in the fourth quarter and hold on for a win. They now advance to the championships, where they´ll meet the Indiana Pacers in a best of 7 showdown.

With L.A.´s most die hard fans in attendance, including Leonardo DiCaprio and friend Q-Tip, the surging synergy in the arena harkened back to the days of lore, when Magic Johnson held court on his thrown at center court. Indeed the Blazers seemed to crumble towards the end thanks to the overwhelming battle cry´s sounding abundantly from the more than 19,000 fans in attendance. And when, in the closing seconds, Kobe Bryant alley-ooped to Shaquille O´Neal for a monster dunk to seal the victory, the Staples Center made history by becoming the only man made facility ever to actually be transformed into an erupting volcano. Afterwards, as the fans flowed from the exits, DiCaprio could be seen screeming, high fiving and hugging with the rest of them, celebrating the Lakers on a most momentous occasion.